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Weekly Newsletter 29th to 6th November 2020

The Sunday Link 29th November 2020

The Benefice will be live-streaming the forthcoming services

at St. John’s, Mortimer via Zoom

Sunday 22ndNovember at 10 am

The Feast of Christ the King

Sunday 29thNovember at 6 pm

The Advent Procession

Sunday 20thDecember at 4 pm

The Carol Service – Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

Thursday 24thDecember at 5 pm


Thursday 24thDecember at 11.30 pm

Midnight Mass

Friday 25th December at 10 am

Christmas Day


Sunday Eucharist for 6th September 2020

 Please join to celebrate and give thanks at the Mortimer, MWE & Padworth

Sunday Eucharist for 6th September 2020 at 10.00 am at St John’s Church, Mortimer

and online at Zoom

If you have difficulties please contact the tech team – Lorna/Louis/James at 01189333136



‘The Reconciliation of Peter’

           by Iain McKillop

‘You see Jesus on the edge of the lake pressing forgiveness into Peter’s crumpled spirit after Peter had denied Jesus three times. After all Jesus had endured his wounds have become his signature and he signs himself in Peter’s flesh. He presses, crunches Peter so hard that you can see the tracery of fresh red as his wounds begin to open again. ‘By his wounds we are healed.’

Prayer Thought: Am I my brother’s keeper?
Through our baptism we are brothers and sisters in Christ. We have a responsibility towards each other: we cannot stand by idly and watch others harm themselves. In this Sunday’s Gospel reading we hear Jesus spell out our Christian family duty. God bless